Pressure free sintering of silver nanoparticles to silver substrate using weakly binding ligands

R Durairaj and R Ashayer and HR Kotadia and N Haria and C Lorenz and O Mokhtari and SH Mannan, 2012 12TH IEEE CONFERENCE ON NANOTECHNOLOGY (IEEE-NANO) (2012).

The use of a weakly binding ligand to facilitate sintering between particles and a planar substrate in the absence of pressure and at low homologous temperature has been explored. Ag nanoparticles in the 5-15 nm range suspended in water and stabilized by a BH4 complex were dropped onto a polished Ag substrate heated to 333 K. The Ag particles sintered to each other and to the substrate to form a largely pore free system. A molecular dynamics simulation is used to understand the theoretical limits of pressure free sintering and practical implications for adhesive systems based on Ag nanoparticle suspensions are discussed.

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