Atomistic simulation of clustering and annihilation of point defects in Molybdenum

A Yanilkin and Z Insepov and G Norman and J Rest and V Stegailov, DIFFUSION IN MATERIALS - DIMAT 2011, 323-325, 95-+ (2012).

DOI: 10.4028/

Evolution of a molybdenum system containing self-interstitials and vacancies was studied by molecular dynamics simulation using a new molybdenum interatomic potential. The potential was parameterized by using formation and migration energies of the defects. Clustering and annihilation of the defects were investigated in terms of the defect concentration changes during the calculation. The rate constants were evaluated and compared with the diffusion coefficients. Also investigated was the influence of one-dimensional diffusion on kinetics, as well as the effects of temperature and defect concentrations on the reaction rates.

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