Excitation of characteristic modes of a crystal during solid fracture at high tensile pressure

S Rawat and M Warrier and D Raju and S Chaturvedi and VM Chavan, 23RD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HIGH PRESSURE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (AIRAPT-23), 377, 012107 (2012).

DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/377/1/012107

We have performed uniform triaxial deformation of single crystal copper at high strain rate using molecular dynamics code LAMMPS. The best-fit void nucleation and growth parameters are obtained using a macroscopic nucleation and growth (NAG) model. The detailed analysis of the data shows that voids nucleate at specific locations in the domain, and subsequently grow and coalesce. We explain the spatial location of first void nucleation in terms of the excitation and interaction of characteristic modes in the crystal domain using singular value decomposition analysis.

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