Scale-Free Static and Dynamical Correlations in Melts of Monodisperse and Flory-Distributed Homopolymers A Review of Recent Bond-Fluctuation Model Studies

JP Wittmer and A Cavallo and H Xu and JE Zabel and P Polinska and N Schulmann and H Meyer and J Farago and A Johner and SP Obukhov and J Baschnagel, JOURNAL OF STATISTICAL PHYSICS, 145, 1017-1126 (2011).

DOI: 10.1007/s10955-011-0354-0

It has been assumed until very recently that all long-range correlations are screened in three-dimensional melts of linear homopolymers on distances beyond the correlation length xi characterizing the decay of the density fluctuations. Summarizing simulation results obtained by means of a variant of the bond-fluctuation model with finite monomer excluded volume interactions and topology violating local and global Monte Carlo moves, we show that due to an interplay of the chain connectivity and the incompressibility constraint, both static and dynamical correlations arise on distances ra parts per thousand <

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