Multiscale modelling of strain-resistance behaviour for graphene rubber composites under large deformation

L Yuan and XF Yao and H Yang, NANOSCALE, 11, 21554-21568 (2019).

DOI: 10.1039/c9nr05036a

The electrical conductivity of graphene rubber nanocomposites under large deformation is studied based on multiscale modeling with effective medium theory and molecular dynamics simulations. The effects of graphene filling volume fractions, graphene dispersion patterns and interfacial interaction strengths of graphene/rubber are investigated on the electrical properties of the composites. The results show that the strain-resistance sensitivity of the composites is determined by graphene volume fractions and the relationship between the average spacing of graphene sheets and the strain, which might take a nonlinear form for the system with large initial spacing ratios of graphene. Detailed analysis of graphene clusters and system energy reveals that too high or too low interfacial interaction might decrease the strain- resistance sensitivity by preventing the decomposition of large graphene clusters while moderate interfacial interaction can help maintain the structure of graphene conductive networks with high strain-resistance sensitivity.

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