Inducing a Net Positive Flow of Water in Functionalized Concentric Carbon Nanotubes Using Rotating Electric Fields

D Ostler and SK Kannam and F Frascoli and PJ Daivis and BD Todd, LANGMUIR, 35, 14742-14749 (2019).

DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.9b02594

Electropumping has shown great potential as an effective means of inducing a net positive flow of water in confined channels. In this paper we present the first nonequilibrium molecular dynamics study and continuum based numerical solutions that demonstrate an effective net positive flow between concentric carbon nanotubes (CNT) using electropumping. We apply a spatially uniform rotating electric field that couples to the water's permanent dipole moment. Taking advantage of the coupling between the spin angular momentum and the linear momentum we break the symmetry of the channel radius by functionalizing the inner CNT's outer surface with carboxyl groups to induce a net positive flow. We also show that our results for concentric nanotubes are consistent with our previous work where we demonstrated that an increase in functionalization beyond an optimal point in a single walled carbon nanotube resulted in a decrease in positive net flow. We then numerically solve the coupled hydrodynamic momentum equations to show that the nonequilibrium molecular dynamics results are consistent with the continuum theory.

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