Cylindrical voids induced deformation response of single crystal coppers during low-speed shock compressions: A molecular dynamics study

QL Xiong and T Kitamura and ZH Li, MECHANICS OF MATERIALS, 138, UNSP 103167 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.mechmat.2019.103167

Molecular dynamics simulations are performed to investigate the response to low-speed shock compression of single-crystal copper with cylindrical voids. The results show that plastic deformation occurs under shock compression that is lower than the Hugoniot elastic limit for copper due to the existence of cylindrical voids. An analysis of the interaction between shock waves and the free surface of voids is conducted to determine the mechanism of plastic deformation. Quasi-static uniaxial compression is also investigated. It is found that the resulting plastic deformation is significantly different from that caused by shock compression. Possible reasons for these differences are systematically analyzed. In addition, the effects of the shock velocity, shock direction and axial direction of cylindrical voids on the plastic deformation response are investigated and the relevant mechanisms are analyzed. Finally, the size effect of cylindrical voids is investigated and the underlying mechanism is analyzed based on the concept of geometrically necessary dislocations.

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