Evaporation of R32/R1234yf mixture nanodroplets on a smooth substrate: Molecular dynamics simulation

XH Wu and Z Yang and YY Duan, CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 733, UNSP 136672 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2019.136672

The evaporation of R32/R1234yf nanodroplets on smooth substrates was investigated by molecular dynamics simulations. A new method was proposed to locate the interface between vapor and liquid molecules. Results show that during evaporation, the dynamic contact angle of R32 reduces continuously, and that of the R32/R1234yf mixture decreases to a certain extent and then remains relatively constant. As the mole fraction of R1234yf increases, the evaporation rate tends to be slower and the number of evaporated molecules decreases, leading to R1234yf- hindered evaporation. R1234yf significantly influences evaporation due to its preferential adsorption on the surface compared with R32.

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