Atomistic simulation of defect-dislocation interactions in concentrated solid-solution alloys

SJ Zhao and Y Osetsky and YW Zhang, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, 3, 103602 (2019).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.3.103602

The interaction between point defects and dislocations plays a crucial role in governing material properties and microstructural evolutions under external stimuli, such as mechanical deformation and irradiation. Here, we present an atomistic study of the interactions between point defects and dislocations in concentrated solid-solution alloys (CSAs). Using molecular statics and kinetic Monte Carlo methods, we demonstrate that the strain energy and stress field distribution induced by a dislocation in CSAs are highly inhomogeneous along the dislocation line, which leads to heterogeneity of defect-dislocation interactions. Specifically, the interactions are spatially different and screened by the random arrangement of different elemental species. Such localization of defect-dislocation interaction indicates that the "dislocation-bias" mechanism that is a driving force for radiation-induced void swelling can be suppressed in concentrated alloys.

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