Elastic properties of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes: A molecular dynamics study

F Mehralian and RD Firouz-Abadi and AV Moshtagh, EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS, 134, 544 (2019).

DOI: 10.1140/epjp/i2019-12903-8

In the present study, the mechanical properties of vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) arrays in the most general case of anisotropic elasticity is studied. To quantify the elastic stiffness coefficients, continuum mechanics is employed, in which the constitutive relation is formulized in terms of the interatomic potential obtained via molecular dynamics (MDs) simulations. Detailed investigations into elastic stiffness coefficients with different geometrical parameters are performed and, consequently, their sensitivity on length and radius parameters is hereby studied. With such study it would be possible to tune the mechanical properties of VACNTs.

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