Nano-rolling: Roller Speed-Dependent Morphological Evolution and Mechanical Properties Enhancement in Nanoscale Mg

KV Reddy and S Pal, JOM, 71, 3407-3416 (2019).

DOI: 10.1007/s11837-019-03699-y

Economical processing of textured nanoscale metallic systems is highly sought after, as tuning of crystallographic orientations has a significant impact on their mechanical properties. However, due to constraints in instrument set-up and the high cost involved, there are no experimental investigations on understanding the rolling process and its underlying deformation mechanism at the nanoscale level. Here, we propose a deformation model of a futuristic "nano-rolling" technique and investigate the deformation mechanism of single-crystal Mg subjected to nano-rolling using molecular dynamics simulation. The simulation has efficiently captured the dynamic structural evolution of 1-101 twins and the n-ary sumation 11 grain boundary at an atomic level during the rolling process.On varying the roller speeds, the results have shown that faster speeds facilitate higher ultimate tensile strength (UTS) due to dislocation entanglement in the twin domain, whereas slower roller speed facilitates formation of the 0001 basal plane stacking faults along with twin boundaries, which results in comparatively lower UTS.

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