Electrolyte in heterogeneous water-glucose mixtures: A view from experiment and molecular modeling

VK Laurinavichyute and SA Shermukhamedov and MA Peshkova and RR Nazmutdinov and GA Tsirlina, CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 526, UNSP 110440 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.chemphys.2019.110440

The mobilities and activities of ions in NaCl-glucose-water mixtures are probed by means of conductometry and potentiometry. A positive deviation of the limiting conductance from the Stokes-Einstein (SE) relation is observed. This striking effect is discussed in terms of 'excluded volume' concept for strongly heterogeneous liquids. A drastic difference between sodium cations and chloride anions is argued resting on measurements with ion selective electrodes. The microscopic structure of water-glucose solutions is thoroughly addressed by classical molecular dynamics (MD) method. The MD simulations reproduce qualitatively the main experimental findings; trends in the behavior of the Na+ and Cl- ions are attributed to a noticeable difference in the structure and dynamics of their solvation shells.

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