Dynamic formation and destruction process of stacking fault tetrahedra in single-crystal Ni during nanoscale cryo-rolling

KV Reddy and S Pal, PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE LETTERS, 99, 253-260 (2019).

DOI: 10.1080/09500839.2019.1667545

Stacking fault tetrahedra (SFTs) are known to form during the rolling process of face-centered cubic metals and to deteriorate their structural properties. However, the atomistic mechanism of formation and destruction of SFTs during such material processing is still unclear. We have performed molecular dynamics simulations of the nanoscale cryo- rolling process for single-crystal nickel and here report the mechanism behind the formation and collapse of SFTs. It is found that SFTs are formed through dissociation of Shockley partial dislocation loops in the specimen. On the other hand, destruction of SFTs occurs under compressive stress and follows an inverse Silcox-Hirsch mechanism.

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