Thermodynamic properties of gold-water nanolayer mixtures using molecular dynamics

G Puliti and S Paolucci and M Sen, JOURNAL OF NANOPARTICLE RESEARCH, 13, 4277-4293 (2011).

DOI: 10.1007/s11051-011-0373-4

The physical behavior of a fluid in contact with solid layers is still not fully understood. The present work focuses on the study and understanding of thermodynamic and structural properties of gold-water nanolayer mixtures using molecular dynamics simulations. Two different systems are considered, where approximately 1,700 water molecules are confined between gold nanolayers with separations of 7.4 and 6.2 nm, respectively. Novelties of the present work are in the use of accurate force fields for modeling the inter- and intra-molecular interactions of the components, and providing comprehensive thermodynamic properties of the mixtures. The results are validated by examination of the pure fluid and pure solid properties. Results indicate that the thermodynamics of the system does not behave as an ideal mixture. The structure of the pure fluid is also analyzed and compared against the structure of the confined fluid in the mixture. Anisotropicity is observed in the fluid structure close to the surface of the nanolayer. Higher ordering and higher flux are detected in the fluid molecules close to the fluid-solid interface. Unusual thermodynamic behavior, anisotropicity, liquid layering, and higher interfacial fluid flux could be just some of the factors leading to the enhanced energy transport observed in mixtures involving at least one nanoscale component, such as nanofluids.

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