Simulation of the Formation of a Cascade of Displacements and Transient Ionization Processes in Silicon Semiconductor Structures under Neutron Exposure

IY Zabavichev and AA Potehin and AS Puzanov and SV Obolenskiy and VA Kozlov, SEMICONDUCTORS, 53, 1249-1254 (2019).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063782619090276

The formation of a disordered defect region in bulk silicon is simulated using the molecular-dynamics method for various energies of a primary recoil atom. Variations in the volume and number of radiation-induced defects in a cluster during its formation are calculated. The generation rates of nonequilibrium carriers and amplitude-temporal dependences of pulses of ionization currents in test Schottky diodes with hyperhigh frequencies are found theoretically.

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