An atomic-level understanding of the friction and wear behaviors of Ti2AlN/TiAl composite via MD simulations

XL Han and P Liu and DL Sun and Q Wang, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 137, 340-348 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2019.05.021

In this work, MD simulations are applied to investigate the friction and wear properties of Ti(2)AIN/TiAl composite. It is found that the introduction of Ti(2)AIN and elaborate design of interface structure can realize the goal of anti-friction and wear reduction for Ti2AlN/TiAl composite, because the introduction of Ti2AlN can cause the strengthening effect and the interface can effectively block dislocation propagation. It is also found that the form and shape of pile-up depends strongly on the frictional direction, because different dominant slip systems are activated. In addition, the dislocation morphology and density in the Ti2AlN/TiAl composite varies with the frictional speed and temperature, causing the different friction and wear behaviors.

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