Dynamics simulation study on crystallization of amorphous Ni-Fe alloy

JY Chen and W Sun and N Liu and QD Wang and YL Wang and GJ Ji and FY Ke and D Ma and HN Zhao, FERROELECTRICS, 548, 82-88 (2019).

DOI: 10.1080/00150193.2019.1592514

Molecular dynamics simulation was performed to study the crystallization of warming in Ni-Fe alloy. The results show that the crystallization temperature of amorphous Ni-Fe alloy is approximate 800 K-1000 K with the temperature increasing. We proved the crystallization temperature increases as the heating rate increases. In the crystallization stage, the lattice structure ratios generated is different with the different temperatures, it is because of the crystallization temperature determines the lattice structure. Moreover, we found that the best temperature for crystallization of Ni-Fe alloy, and at the optimum crystallization temperature the face-centered cubic reaches 68.8%.

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