Properties of Optical Ceramics CO1 and CO2 upon Modification of Their Surface by Carbon Nanotubes

NV Kamanina and SV Likhomanova and YR Zagidullina, TECHNICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, 45, 777-779 (2019).

DOI: 10.1134/S1063785019080091

The results of a study of the modification of the properties of optical inorganic materials (optical ceramics CO1 (MgF2) and CO2 (ZnS)) are presented. It is found that the main characteristics of the studied materials with a surface modified by carbon nanotubes significantly changes when the laser-oriented deposition method is applied. Main features of the carbon nanotubes caused by its developed surface, the strength of C-C bonds, and low value of refraction index are taken into consideration. Analytical, quantum-chemical and experimental results of studies of changes in the spectral and mechanical parameters, as well as the wetting angle of the selected model inorganic matrices, are given.

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