Impact of bonding energy on thermal conductance of metal/graphene/metal interfaces

CW Zhang and H Zhou and SW Xia and Y Zeng and YL Zhan and AH Zou and Z Wei and KD Bi, MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, 6, 085015 (2019).

DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/ab185a

The thermal conductance at the interface between graphene and other metals is an important issue for graphene-based applications in the near future. The non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation is performed to investigate the effects of bonding energy between graphene and metal films on the metal/graphene/metal interfacial thermal conductance by varying the energy parameters between them, with other parameters unchanged. The calculation results demonstrate that the thermal conductance at the metal/graphene/metal interface increases initially to a peak, and subsequently decreases and saturates at a certain value with the bonding energy of one single graphene-metal side increasing. However, for the case that bonding energies of both graphene-metal sides are increased, the metal/graphene/metal interfacial thermal conductance increases rapidly and keeps at a certain value. The simulation results present a hint to tune effectively the interfacial thermal conductance for graphene-based devices.

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