Atomistic modelling of interface structure and deformation mechanisms in the Al/GaNmultilayer under compression

JJ Chen and HM Zhang and HG Xiang, MOLECULAR SIMULATION, 45, 921-926 (2019).

DOI: 10.1080/08927022.2019.1610952

The properties of ohmic contact and thermal boundary conductance between Al and GaN have been studied extensively, but the interface structures and deformation mechanisms in the Al/GaN multilayer can be rarely found in literatures. By molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, we systematically studied the interface structures and structural deformations in the Al/GaN multilayer. Two kinds of interface structures are identified according to the different terminal surfaces of GaN; glide-set terminal interface and shuffle-set terminal interface. Further analysis shows that interface has the maximum stress and misfit lines have the maximum stress values, which serve as the dislocation sources in the Al layer due to the larger stress in the interface. The mechanical responses of the Al/GaN multilayer exhibit a minor stage and some distinctive drops in the stress-strain curve. The first stage is associated with the dislocation nucleation from the interface. Upon further compression, more slip systems appear in the Al layer and dislocation nucleation in GaN could induce drops in curves. Meanwhile, the multiplications of dislocations cause strain hardening behaviours.

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