Smoothed particle hydrodynamics study of friction of the coarse-grained alpha-Al2O3/alpha-Al2O3 and alpha-Fe2O3/alpha-Fe2O3 contacts in behavior of the spring

LV Sang and A Yano and A Isohashi and N Sugimura and H Washizu, TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, 135, 296-304 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2019.03.015

The paper investigates sliding friction of the alpha-Al2O3/alpha-Al2O3 and alpha-Fe2O3/alpha-Fe2O3 contacts by using the spring interfacial potential. It is found that at micronscale the friction properties of the oxides are almost independent of the coarse-graining and are the same in the different sliding directions. Even the hardness contacts friction coefficient shows a decrease with increasing intensity of the normal component of the interfacial interaction force. This result is as an implementation for the previous observations of sliding friction of various materials that showed that a drop of friction coefficient with increasing externally applied normal load has originated from deformation of interfaces or occurrence of debris at contact, indicating an unsteady contact.

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