From quantum to subcellular scales: multi-scale simulation approaches and the SIRAH force field

MR Machado and A Zeida and L Darre and S Pantano, INTERFACE FOCUS, 9, 20180085 (2019).

DOI: 10.1098/rsfs.2018.0085

Modern molecular and cellular biology profits from astonishing resolution structural methods, currently even reaching the whole cell level. This is encompassed by the development of computational methods providing a deep view into the structure and dynamics of molecular processes happening at very different scales in time and space. Linking such scales is of paramount importance when aiming at far-reaching biological questions. Computational methods at the interface between classical and coarse-grained resolutions are gaining momentum with several research groups dedicating important efforts to their development and tuning. An overview of such methods is addressed herein, with special emphasis on the SIRAH force field for coarse-grained and multi-scale simulations. Moreover, we provide proof of concept calculations on the implementation of a multi-scale simulation scheme including quantum calculations on a classical fine-grained/coarse- grained representation of double-stranded DNA. This opens the possibility to include the effect of large conformational fluctuations in chromatin segments on, for instance, the reactivity of particular base pairs within the same simulation framework.

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