Numerical analysis of heat removal from gas phase clusters during condensation of Cu nanoparticles under Ar atmosphere

VJ Jalal and OG Abdullah and SS Abdulkareem, RESULTS IN PHYSICS, 13, 102287 (2019).

DOI: 10.1016/j.rinp.2019.102287

The statistical analysis of the molecular dynamics modeling for the nucleation of copper (Cu) vapors under argon (Ar) atmosphere in the evaporation-condensation technology was carried out. The model was used to calculate the nucleation in a cell containing 5000 atoms of Cu and 10,000 atoms of Ar. The probabilities of various outcomes in the collision of Ar and Cu atoms with Cu clusters were determined. It was found that pair collisions have a greater probability than the triple collisions. The heat removal from clusters during a collision with Ar and Cu atoms was analyzed to find the probabilities of formation of long-lived small clusters in a variety of conditions, attempting to estimate the magnitude of heat transfer from the clusters of different sizes. It is found that the pair collisions caused a very excited dimer, whereas, the triple collisions formed a more stable dimer.

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