Molecular dynamics simulations of initial Pd and PdO nanocluster growth in a magnetron gas aggregation source

P Brault and W Chamorro-Coral and S Chuon and A Caillard and JM Bauchire and S Baranton and C Coutanceau and E Neyts, FRONTIERS OF CHEMICAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, 13, 324-329 (2019).

DOI: 10.1007/s11705-019-1792-5

Molecular dynamics simulations are carried out for describing growth of Pd and PdO nanoclusters using the ReaxFF force field. The resulting nanocluster structures are successfully compared to those of nanoclusters experimentally grown in a gas aggregation source. The PdO structure is quasi-crystalline as revealed by high resolution transmission microscope analysis for experimental PdO nanoclusters. The role of the nanocluster temperature in the molecular dynamics simulated growth is highlighted.

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