Semiconducting polymer blends that exhibit stable charge transport at high temperatures

A Gumyusenge and DT Tran and XY Luo and GM Pitch and Y Zhao and KA Jenkins and TJ Dunn and AL Ayzner and BM Savoie and JG Mei, SCIENCE, 362, 1131-+ (2018).

DOI: 10.1126/science.aau0759

Although high-temperature operation (i.e., beyond 150 degrees C) is of great interest for many electronics applications, achieving stable carrier mobilities for organic semiconductors at elevated temperatures is fundamentally challenging. We report a general strategy to make thermally stable high-temperature semiconducting polymer blends, composed of interpenetrating semicrystalline conjugated polymers and high glass-transition temperature insulating matrices. When properly engineered, such polymer blends display a temperature-insensitive charge transport behavior with hole mobility exceeding 2.0 cm(2)/V.s across a wide temperature range from room temperature up to 220 degrees C in thin-film transistors.

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