Dynamic Effects on the Mobilization of a Deposited Nanoparticle by a Moving Liquid-Liquid Interface

TY Yin and D Shin and J Frechette and CE Colosqui and G Drazer, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 121, 238002 (2018).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.238002

Using molecular dynamics simulations, we investigate the fate of a nanoparticle deposited on a solid surface as a liquid-liquid interface moves past it, depending on the wetting of the solid by the two liquids and the magnitude of the driving force. Interfacial pinning is observed below a critical value of the driving force. Above the critical driving force for pinning and for large contact angle values we observe stick- slip motion, with intermittent interfacial pinning and particle sliding at the interface. At low contact angles we observe that particle rolling precedes detachment, which indicates the importance of dynamic effects not present in static models. The findings in this work indicate that particle mobilization, and removal efficiencies, originating in dynamic liquid-liquid interfaces can be significantly underestimated by static models.

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