Atomistic Field Theory for contact electrification of dielectrics

KM Abdelaziz and J Chen and TJ Hieber and ZC Leseman, JOURNAL OF ELECTROSTATICS, 96, 10-15 (2018).

DOI: 10.1016/j.elstat.2018.09.001

The triboelectrification of conducting materials can be explained by electron transfer between different Fermi levels. However, triboelectrification in dielectrics is poorly understood. The surface dipole formations are shown to be caused by the contact-induced surface lattice deformations. An Atomistic Field Theory (AFT) based formulation is utilized to calculate the distribution of the polarization, electric and potential fields. The induced fields are considered as the driving force for charge transfer. The simulation results show that a MgO/BaTiO3 tribopair can generate up to 104 V/cm(2), which is comprable with the data in the published literature.

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