Understanding Conformational Dynamics of Complex Lipid Mixtures Relevant to Biology

R Friedman and S Khalid and C Aponte-Santamaria and E Arutyunova and M Becker and KJ Boyd and M Christensen and JTS Coimbra and S Concilio and C Daday and FJ van Eerden and PA Fernandes and F Grater and D Hakobyan and A Heuer and K Karathanou and F Keller and MJ Lemieux and SJ Marrink and ER May and A Mazumdar and R Naftalin and M Pickholz and S Piotto and P Pohl and P Quinn and MJ Ramos and B Schiott and D Sengupta and L Sessa and S Vanni and T Zeppelin and V Zoni and AN Bondar and C Domene, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE BIOLOGY, 251, 609-631 (2018).

DOI: 10.1007/s00232-018-0050-y

This is a perspective article entitled "Frontiers in computational biophysics: understanding conformational dynamics of complex lipid mixtures relevant to biology" which is following a CECAM meeting with the same name.

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