Creating a Coating from a Titanium-Aluminum Intermetallic Compound By the Cold Spray Technology

SP Kiselev and NS Ryashin and EA Maksimovskii and VP Kiselev and SV Klinkov and VF Kosarev and AA Filippov and VS Shikalov, JOURNAL OF APPLIED MECHANICS AND TECHNICAL PHYSICS, 59, 1126-1135 (2018).

DOI: 10.1134/S0021894418060196

Results of experimental and numerical investigations of the process of creating coatings from a titanium-aluminum intermetallic compound by using an additive method are presented. It is demonstrated that the process of intermetallic compound formation is limited by the rate of titanium dissolution and diffusion in the aluminum melt. The proposed method can be applied for hardening titanium plate surfaces for their exploitation at high temperatures and pressures.

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