Molecular dynamics simulations of single grain pure aluminum in a vice fixture for nanomanufacturing applications

DR Garcia and ZB Zhang and BS Linke and HM Urbassek, CIRP JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 23, 91-97 (2018).

DOI: 10.1016/j.cirpj.2018.07.005

Although nano and macro manufacturing encompass two different scales of machining, investigating both is essential for understanding machining distortions and deformations. In both macro and nano fabrication, the fixture is the primary means of securing the workpiece in place while performing the manufacturing operations. Understanding the fixture design is a critical aspect relating the two different scales of manufacturing. This paper describes a method involving atomistic simulation for understanding machining distortions for the macro scale by investigation of nano machining and work holding devices. This research aims to help bridge the knowledge gap in manufacturing of macro and nano scale applications. The simulations performed showed that the fixture influences the machining distortions and the critical stress concentrations on the workpiece. (C) 2018 CIRP.

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