Molecular dynamics study of nanodroplet diffusion on smooth solid surfaces

ZX Niu and T Huang and Y Chen, FRONTIERS OF PHYSICS, 13, 137804 (2018).

DOI: 10.1007/s11467-018-0772-4

We perform molecular dynamics simulations of Lennard-Jones particles in a canonical ensemble to study the diffusion of nanodroplets on smooth solid surfaces. Using the droplet-surface interaction to realize a hydrophilic or hydrophobic surface and calculating the mean square displacement of the center-of-mass of the nanodroplets, the random motion of nanodroplets could be characterized by shorttime subdiffusion, intermediate-time superdiffusion, and long-time normal diffusion. The short-time subdiffusive exponent increases and almost reaches unity (normal diffusion) with decreasing droplet size or enhancing hydrophobicity. The diffusion coefficient of the droplet on hydrophobic surfaces is larger than that on hydrophilic surfaces.

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