Piezoelectric effects on the resonance frequencies of boron nitride nanosheets

J Zhang and JL Zhou, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 29, 395703 (2018).

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/aad1b5

By using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations, we find in this work that due to the piezoelectric characteristic of boron nitride (BN) nanosheets their resonance frequencies can be efficiently tuned by applying an external electric field. This finding suggests that BN nanosheet can be treated as a good building block for designing novel piezoelectrically tunable two-dimensional nanoresonators. As BN nanosheets possess an inversely stacked structure, the applied electric field has different effects on the resonance frequency of BN nanosheets with odd and even layers. The influence of piezoelectric effect on the vibration behaviours observed in MD simulations is found to significantly deviate from the prediction of the conventional Euler-Bernoulli beam model (EBM), since the EBM cannot account for the weak van der Waals interaction between neighbouring layers in BN nanosheets. To take into account the interlayer interaction in the mathematical modelling of the piezoelectric effect on the vibration of BN nanosheets, we propose here a novel multiple beam model (MBM), which can account for both interlayer stretching and shearing deformations. The MBM result is found to be in a good agreement with the MD result without any additional parameters fitting, which indicates that the present MBM can be treated as a more precise theoretical model in the future study of the vibration properties of BN nanosheets.

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