Full Phase Diagram of Active Brownian Disks: From Melting to Motility- Induced Phase Separation

P Digregorio and D Levis and A Suma and LF Cugliandolo and G Gonnella and I Pagonabarraga, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 121, 098003 (2018).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.098003

We establish the complete phase diagram of self-propelled hard disks in two spatial dimensions from the analysis of the equation of state and the statistics of local order parameters. The equilibrium melting scenario is maintained at small activities, with coexistence between active liquid and hexatic order, followed by a proper hexatic phase, and a further transition to an active solid. As activity increases, the emergence of hexatic and solid order is shifted towards higher densities. Above a critical activity and for a certain range of packing fractions, the system undergoes motility-induced phase separation and demixes into low and high density phases; the latter can be either disordered (liquid) or ordered (hexatic or solid) depending on the activity.

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