A combined molecular dynamics simulation and quantum mechanics study on the physisorption biodegradable CBNAILs on h-BN nanosheets

M Torkzadeh and M Moosavi, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, 149, 074704 (2018).

DOI: 10.1063/1.5039476

The nanoscopic structure of biodegradable choline-based naphthenic acid ionic liquids near the hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN) surface was analyzed using quantum mechanics calculations and molecular dynamics simulations. The effects of the type of the ring (aliphatic or aromatic) and the size of the ring in the anion counterpart of the aliphatic ionic liquids (ILs) on the configurations, binding energies, orbital energies, density of states, charge transfer, and thermochemistry of adsorption of ILs on the h-BN surface were investigated. Also the significance of non- covalent interactions on the adsorption of ILs was disclosed from the quantum theory of atoms in molecule. The results of radial distribution functions, number density, and also charge density profiles showed the existence of a solid-like bottom layer in the vicinity of the surface. Angular distribution functions revealed that while the most probable orientation in aromatic anions is parallel to the h-BN sheet, the most probable orientation in aliphatic rings apparently is perpendicular to the surface. The mobility of cations and anions in the studied ILs with respect to the h-BN sheet was analyzed using their mean square displacements. For all ions near the surface, dynamics in the parallel direction were faster than those in the z-direction due to the structuring of the solid-like layer of ILs near the h-BN surface. Altogether, this study provides new insights into the physisorption of this new class of biodegradable ILs on h-BN nanosheets at the molecular level. Published by AIP Publishing.

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