VP Kuznetsov and AY Nikonov and AI Dmitriev, PARTICLE-BASED METHODS II: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 891-898 (2011).

It is well known that the burnishing process affects the surface characteristic, namely: surface roughness, surface hardness, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and increased maximum residual stress in compression. Unfortunately we still far from full understanding what parameters and mechanisms are responsible for the certain surface modification. That is why methods of computer modeling can be considered as useful tool to investigate surface changing during contact interaction as well as burnishing process. It is more essential if we consider processes are taking place at atomic scale level. In the paper we try to reproduce the details of burnishing process at nano-scale level. To investigate features of surface treatment we use the molecular dynamics simulation. Various pure crystalline materials were considered. Results of our modeling are very close to the experimental observation

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