Pressure Dependence of the Peierls Stress in Aluminum

K Dang and D Spearot, JOM, 70, 1094-1099 (2018).

DOI: 10.1007/s11837-018-2819-y

The effect of pressure applied normal to the 111 slip plane on the Peierls stress in Al is studied via atomistic simulations. Edge, screw, 30A degrees, and 60A degrees straight dislocations are created using the Volterra displacement fields for isotropic elasticity. For each dislocation character angle, the Peierls stress is calculated based on the change in the internal energy, which is an invariant measure of the dislocation driving force. It is found that the Peierls stress for dislocations under zero pressure is in general agreement with previous results. For screw and 60A degrees dislocations, the Peierls stress versus pressure relationship has maximum values associated with stacking fault widths that are multiples of the Peierls period. For the edge dislocation, the Peierls stress decreases with increasing pressure from tension to compression. Compared with the Mendelev potential, the Peierls stress calculated from the Mishin potential is more sensitive to changes in pressure.

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