"M-shape" nanoscale friction anisotropy of phosphorene

HJ Gong and PZ Zhu and LN Si and XQ Zhang and GX Xie, COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE, 150, 364-368 (2018).

DOI: 10.1016/j.commatsci.2018.04.013

In this work, molecular dynamics simulations are employed to explore the nanoscale friction anisotropy of phosphorene. We study the friction process of a diamond tip sliding against the phosphorene on the silicon substrate under different sliding directions. The results show that there exists a significant anisotropy in the friction force along different lattice orientations of phosphorene. The friction force exhibits "M-shape" which means the friction force is locally maximum along the 15 degrees and 75 degrees directions relative to the zigzag direction of phosphorene. It is proposed that this "M-shape" friction anisotropy is due to the difference of potential energy among different orientations arising from the unique structure of phosphorene and heterogeneous interaction with the substrate.

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