Molecular Dynamics Study of Dynamic Buckling Properties of Nanowires with Defects

HF Zhan and YT Gu, DYNAMICS FOR SUSTAINABLE ENGINEERING, 2011, VOL 4, 1588-1595 (2011).

Based on the embedded atom method (EAM) and molecular dynamics (MD) method, the deformation properties of Cu nanowires with different single defects under dynamic compression have been studied. The mechanical behaviors of the perfect nanowire are first studied. The critical stress is found decreasing with the increase of the nanowire's length, which is well agreed with the modified Euler theory. We then consider the effects to the buckling phenomenon that brought in by different defects. It is found that obvious decrease of the critical stress is induced due to different defects, and the largest decrease is found in the nanowire with the surface vertical defect. Surface defects are observed exerting larger influence than internal defects. The buckling duration is shortened due to different defects except the nanowire with surface horizon defect, which is also found to possess the largest deflection. Different deflections are also observed for different defected nanowires. It is found that due to surface defects, only deflection in one direction is happened, but for internal defects, more complex deflection circumstances are observed.

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