Compressive response and buckling of graphene nanoribbons

AP Sgouros and G Kalosakas and K Papagelis and C Galiotis, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, 8, 9593 (2018).

DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-27808-0

We examine the mechanical response of single layer graphene nanoribbons (GNR) under constant compressive loads through molecular dynamics simulations. Compressive stress-strain curves are presented for GNRs of various lengths and widths. The dependence of GNR's buckling resistance on its size, aspect ratio, and chiral angle is discussed and approximate corresponding relations are provided. A single master curve describing the dependence of the critical buckling stress of GN Rs on their aspect ratio is presented. Our findings were compared to the continuum elasticity theories for wide plates and wide columns. In the large width limit, the response of the GNRs agrees with the predictions of the wide plates theory and thus, with that of wide graphenes. In the small width limit, the behavior of graphene nanoribbons deviates from that of periodic graphenes due to various edge related effects which govern the stiffness and the stability of the graphene membranes, but it qualitatively agrees with the theory of wide columns. In order to assess the effect of thermal fluctuations on the critical buckling stress a wide range of temperatures is examined. The findings of the current study could provide important insights regarding the feasibility and the evaluation of the performance of graphene-based devices.

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