Molecular dynamics studies of fundamental bulk properties of palladium hydrides for hydrogen storage

XW Zhou and TW Heo and BC Wood and V Stavila and S Kang and MD Allendorf, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 123, 225105 (2018).

DOI: 10.1063/1.5022190

Solid-state hydrogen storage materials undergo complex phase transformations whose behavior are collectively determined by thermodynamic (e.g., Gibbs free energy), mechanical (e.g., lattice and elastic constants), and mass transport (e.g., diffusivity) properties. These properties depend on the reaction conditions and evolve continuously during (de) hydrogenation. Thus, they are difficult to measure in experiments. Because of this, past progress to improve solid- state hydrogen storage materials has been prolonged. Using PdHx as a representative example for interstitial metal hydride, we have recently applied molecular dynamics simulations to quantify hydrogen diffusion in the entire reaction space of temperature and composition. Here, we have further applied molecular dynamics simulations to obtain well-converged expressions for lattice constants, Gibbs free energies, and elastic constants of PdHx at various stages of the reaction. Our studies confirm significant dependence of elastic constants on temperature and composition. Specifically, a new dynamic effect of hydrogen diffusion on elastic constants is discovered and discussed.

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