Investigation of mechanical properties and deformation behavior of single-crystal Al-Cu core-shell nanowire generated using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation


DOI: 10.1007/s11051-018-4258-7

Molecular dynamics (MD) simulation studies were carried out to generate a cylindrical single-crystal Al-Cu core-shell nanowire and its mechanical properties like yield strength and Young's modulus were evaluated in comparison to a solid aluminum nanowire and hollow copper nanowire which combines to constitute the core-shell structure respectively. The deformation behavior due to changes in the number of Wigner-Seitz defects and dislocations during the entire tensile deformation process was thoroughly studied for the Al-Cu core-shell nanowire. The single-crystal Al-Cu core-shell nanowire shows much higher yield strength and Young's modulus in comparison to the solid aluminum core and hollow copper shell nanowire due to tangling of dislocations caused by lattice mismatch between aluminum and copper. Thus, the Al-Cu core-shell nanowire can be reinforced in different bulk matrix to develop new type of light-weight nanocomposite materials with greatly enhanced material properties.

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