Adsorption Behavior of Polymer Chain with Different Topology Structure at the Polymer-Nanoparticle Interface

QL Song and YY Ji and SB Li and XH Wang and LL He, POLYMERS, 10, 590 (2018).

DOI: 10.3390/polym10060590

The effect of the polymer chain topology structure on the adsorption behavior in the polymer-nanoparticle (NP) interface is investigated by employing coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations in various polymer-NP interaction and chain stiffness. At a weak polymer-NP interaction, ring chain with a closed topology structure has a slight priority to occupy the interfacial region than linear chain. At a strong polymer-NP interaction, the middle adsorption mechanism dominates the polymer local packing in the interface. As the increase of chain stiffness, an interesting transition from ring to linear chain preferential adsorption behavior occurs. The semiflexible linear chain squeezes ring chain out of the interfacial region by forming a helical structure and wrapping tightly the surface of NP. In particular, this selective adsorption behavior becomes more dramatic for the case of rigid-like chain, in which 3D tangent conformation of linear chain is absolutely prior to the 2D plane orbital structure of ring chain. The local packing and competitive adsorption behavior of bidisperse matrix in polymer-NP interface can be explained based on the adsorption mechanism of monodisperse (pure ring or linear) case. These investigations may provide some insights into polymer-NP interfacial adsorption behavior and guide the design of high-performance nanocomposites.

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