Deuterium uptake and sputtering of simultaneous lithiated, boronized, and oxidized carbon surfaces irradiated by low-energy deuterium

FJ Dominguez-Gutierrez and PS Krstic and JP Allain and F Bedoya and MM Islam and R Lotfi and ACT van Duin, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 123, 195901 (2018).

DOI: 10.1063/1.5026415

We study the effects of deuterium irradiation on D-uptake by simultaneously boronized, lithiated, oxidized, and deuterated carbon surfaces. We present analysis of the bonding chemistry of D for various concentrations of boron, lithium, oxygen, and deuterium on carbon surfaces using molecular dynamics with reactive force field potentials, which are here adapted to include the interaction of boron and lithium. We calculate D retention and sputtering yields of each constituent of the Li-C-B-O mixture and discuss the role of oxygen in these processes. The extent of the qualitative agreement between new experimental data for B-C-O-D obtained in this paper and computational data is provided. As in the case of the Li-C-O system, comparative studies where experimental and computational data complement each other (in this case on the B-Li-C-O system) provide deeper insights into the mechanisms behind the role that O plays in the retention of D, a relevant issue in fusion machines. Published by AIP Publishing.

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