Nature of microscopic heat carriers in nanoporous silicon

A Antidormi and X Cartoixa and L Colombo, PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS, 2, 056001 (2018).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevMaterials.2.056001

We performed a systematic analysis of the vibrational modes in nanoporous silicon for different values of porosity, separating them into extended modes (diffusons and propagons) and localized vibrations (locons). By calculating the density of states, the participation ratio, and the systems' dispersion curves, the spatial character of each mode as well as the effect of porosity on the thermal conductivity have been investigated. An increase of porosity is shown to promote the existence of increasingly localized modes on one side, and the progressive transformation of propagons to diffusons on the other. Finally, we provide evidence of the sizable contribution of locons to thermal transport found in large porosity samples and discuss the mechanism of energy transfer in terms of mode-mode autocorrelations and cross- correlations.

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