Controlling DNA translocation speed through graphene nanopores via plasmonic fields

B Fotouhi and V Ahmadi and M Abasifard, SCIENTIA IRANICA, 25, 1849-1856 (2018).

DOI: 10.24200/sci.2018.20419

This study proposes a novel plasmonic-based method for controlling translocation speed of DNA molecule through a graphene nanopore. Dynamic properties of a double-stranded DNA molecule passage through a graphene nanopore are investigated by employing molecular dynamics simulation. In addition, the effect of plasmonic fields parallel to the graphene plane on the translocation speed of the DNA molecule is studied. The DNA translocation speed is calculated for different values of confinement, spectral width, and power of the plasmonic field. Results show the potential of the method to control translocation speed of DNA via surface plasmons in a graphene nanopore. The plasmonic field power, confinement depth, and spectral width can increase translocation time of DNA up to 107, 62, and 15%. Moreover, a strong plasmonic field can trap the DNA molecule in the nanopore. The suggested method can be utilized to solve the fast-translocation challenge of the nanopore DNA sequencers. (C) 2018 Sharif University of Technology. All rights reserved.

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