Wetting Behaviors of a Nano-Droplet on a Rough Solid Substrate under Perpendicular Electric Field

FH Song and L Ma and J Fan and QC Chen and LH Zhang and BQ Li, NANOMATERIALS, 8, 340 (2018).

DOI: 10.3390/nano8050340

Molecular dynamic simulations were adopted to study the wetting properties of nanoscale droplets on rough silicon solid substrate subject to perpendicular electric fields. The effect of roughness factor and electric field strength on the static and dynamic wetting behaviors of a nano-droplet on a solid surface was investigated at the molecular level. Results show that the static contact angle tends to decrease slightly and show small difference with the increase of roughness factor, while it shows an obvious increase for the ramp-shaped surface because the appearing bottom space reduces the wettability of solid surface. Additionally, under the electric field, a nano-droplet was elongated in the field direction and the equilibrium contact angle increases with the increase of electric field strength. The nano-droplet was completely stretched to be column-shaped at a threshold value of the field. Besides, accompanied by the shape variation of water droplets, the molecular dipole orientations of water molecules experience a remarkable change from a random disordered distribution to an ordered profile because of the realignment of water molecules induced by electric fields.

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