Janssen effect and the stability of quasi-two-dimensional sandpiles

F Ebrahimi and T Azizpour and H Maleki, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 82, 031302 (2010).

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.82.031302

We present the results of three-dimensional discrete element simulations of global normal stresses in quasi-two-dimensional sandpiles formed by pouring monodispersed cohesionless spherical grains into a vertical granular Hele-Shaw cell. We observe the Janssen effect which is the phenomenon of pressure saturation at the bottom of the container. Simulation of cells with different thicknesses shows that the Janssen coefficient kappa is a function of the cell thickness. Dependence of global normal stresses as well as kappa on the friction coefficients between the grains (mu(p)) and with walls (mu(w)) are also studied. The results show that in the range of our simulations kappa usually increases with the wall-grain friction coefficient. Meanwhile by increasing mu(p) while the other system parameters are fixed, we witness a gradual increase in kappa to a parameter dependent maximal value.

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