Molecular dynamics study of plastic deformation mechanism in Cu/Ag multilayers

YY Tian and J Li and ZY Hu and ZP Wang and QH Fang, CHINESE PHYSICS B, 26, 126802 (2017).

DOI: 10.1088/1674-1056/26/12/126802

The plastic deformation mechanism of Cu/Ag multilayers is investigated by molecular dynamics (MD) simulation in a nanoindentation process. The result shows that due to the interface barrier, the dislocations pile-up at the interface and then the plastic deformation of the Ag matrix occurs due to the nucleation and emission of dislocations from the interface and the dislocation propagation through the interface. In addition, it is found that the incipient plastic deformation of Cu/Ag multilayers is postponed, compared with that of bulk single-crystal Cu. The plastic deformation of Cu/Ag multilayers is affected by the lattice mismatch more than by the difference in stacking fault energy (SFE) between Cu and Ag. The dislocation pile-up at the interface is determined by the obstruction of the mismatch dislocation network and the attraction of the image force. Furthermore, this work provides a basis for further understanding and tailoring metal multilayers with good mechanical properties, which may facilitate the design and development of multilayer materials with low cost production strategies.

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