Interface structure and contact melting in AgCu eutectic. A molecular dynamics study

O Bystrenko and V Kartuzov, MATERIALS RESEARCH EXPRESS, 4, 126503 (2017).

DOI: 10.1088/2053-1591/aa9b63

Molecular dynamics simulations of the interface structure in binary AgCu eutectic were performed by using the realistic EAM potential. In simulations, we examined the time dependence of the total energy in the process of equilibration, the probability distributions, the composition profiles for the components, and the component diffusivities within the interface zone. It is shown that the relaxation to the equilibrium in the solid state is accompanied by the formation of the steady disordered diffusion zone at the boundary between the crystalline components. At higher temperatures, closer to the eutectic point, the increase in the width of the steady diffusion zone is observed. The particle diffusivities grow therewith to the numbers typical for the liquid metals. Above the eutectic point, the steady zone does not form, instead, the complete contact melting in the system occurs. The results of simulations indicate that during the temperature increase the phenomenon of contact melting is preceded by the similar process spatially localized in the vicinity of the interface.

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