Small-size effect on wrinkle and fracture of monolayer graphene subjected to in-plane shear

JZ Zhao and XM Guo and L Lu, NANOTECHNOLOGY, 28, 455702 (2017).

DOI: 10.1088/1361-6528/aa8f6d

Controlling surface patterns are useful in a wide range of applications including flexible electronics, biological templates, microelectromechanical systems and device fabrication. The present paper investigates the wrinkling and fracture of graphene subjected to in- plane shear. It is found that the size of a graphene sheet has significant effect on the wrinkle and fracture based on both molecular dynamics simulation and nonlocal plate theory. The analytical expressions for wrinkle amplitude and wavelength are deduced. The nonlocal parameter of nonlocal plate theory is evaluated. Furthermore, the higher aspect ratio has enhanced the wrinkle resistance and shear strength of graphene. Temperature and chirality have insignificant impact on the wrinkling, but significantly influence the fracture of the graphene sheet. This work is expected to provide a better understanding of the mechanism of nanometer scale wrinkles.

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